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With my Comfort Object series I am setting up scenes in order to reflect and disrupt memories of domestic spaces. These are banal scenes of a daily life, to which I no longer have direct access.  These scenes strike at the core of my own feelings of what makes a home, how homes function, and depending on personal history, the feelings associated with the scenes I am setting up for the viewer.

The smell, taste, and/or color pallet of a scenario can function as a comfort object, while simultaneously pointing out a glaring kind of lacking. I am identifying the degree to which an object’s description of a scenario defines and engrosses the viewer. Exploring these comfort objects’ ability to trigger an individual’s need to engage with them, and at a certain point, the universality of an individual as an object.

With Comfort Object #2, I am setting up a version of my grandmother’s dining room table. This specific scenario will consist of a meal for twenty people. As the meal begins, the topics of discussion will undulate, and the question of what an intimate re-performance of my grandmother’s tradition symbolizes within a gallery space will inch its way into the individual’s consciousness. I am specifically querying what it could mean to a group of people who will likely relate to the experience in a much different manner than my experience of setting up this scenario for them. Most people will not think of my grandmother, her past, or the reasons why she takes pains to perform this weekly task, but it will engage them in a kind of dissection of the ceremony of the home. It will elicit a memory of a time when they experienced a form of intimacy while engaging with a group of people around a table, and that memory will cause the individual to have an experience that is reflexive of my own. I am playing with memory. I am experimenting with what it takes to remind someone of home and to make someone in a gallery space engage with a history that may be hundreds of miles away. 

​​​Exhibition Dates: October 21 - 24, 2016

Reception: Monday, October 24 from 1:30 - 5:30 p

Comfort object #2

An immersive exhibition by Mirra Goldfrad