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Exhibition Dates: April 13 - 17, 2016

Reception: April 16

Gallery Hours for Living Textiles were:
9 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 2 - 9 p.m. daily

Where do we source materials for textiles, and how do we transform them into objects of everyday life? What is the relationship between the textile artist and textile production? How can we become more conscious of the connections between the source, labor, and use of products in our lives?

In this five-day performance, Eliza Wapner showcased a textile’s entire life-cycle by becoming the source, laborer, and product herself. Turning to her own body for materials, inspiration, and energy, Wapner spent each day cutting, weaving, and constructing her own hair into purchasable goods. By living in the gallery, Wapner demonstrated the intimate connections between animal, laborer, and consumer as she embodied the living nature of textile production. Thus Wapner and her audience experienced the unfolding character of artistic creation and the processes of mass manufacturing as a whole. 

Living Textiles: From Body to Product

A performative exhibition featuring artist, Eliza Wapner