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Visual Clues of Depth

A solo exhibition featuring the work of Aysha Hamouda

November 10 - 22, 2016

Reception: Friday, November 11 from 6 - 8 p

Empty space is all around us. Empty space is found in the physical, in the philosophical, and in the spiritual. Whether it is imagined as nothingness or as vacuum energy particles; to the human eye and overall human experience, it is invisible. Empty space is the mold from which we are the product. We, like all things, are objects of space. It is silence to the eye. It is a resting state, yet it emphasizes an action. It is the z of the x and y axes and the sustenance for our dimension.

Simultaneously though, when a wandering eye is put into action with the intention of perceiving emptiness, space denies itself, superposing itself. It is only then that the wanderer might see the world flatten.