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Witches Den

A BFA thesis exhibition by Glendon Allen

Exhibition Dates: April 20 - 24, 2016

Reception: Friday, April 22 from 7 - 10

Witches Den is a collection of artwork created by Glendon Allen’s for his BFA senior thesis. The pieces tend to be very consistent in aesthetic but vary greatly in what they say. The pieces communicate subjects such as life cycle, contact with the beyond, and comfort. Some pieces may appear scary at first, but they are intended for protection and finding beauty in the darker things. Dealing with death, comfort, protection, and the occult, these pieces tie into many theologies and practices of paganism. Some are quite literal while others are to be interpreted by the audience. The exhibition is entitled Witches Den to communicate the place from which the artwork has come. It is to be a safe space for the misunderstood and to create a dialog about many things that are difficult for people to think about on their own. The intent of Witches Den is to provoke thought through deeply seeded symbols and major themes which people often overlook. What happens in this life and what is beyond? Where has one’s journey taken them and what did they find? Even though each piece has been made with individual intent over the past four years, the body of work communicates something unique.